6 Different Types of Insurance Leads

Insurance Leads


Get in front of more seniors who need your help comparing affordable Final Expense life insurance options.


Grow your business by helping seniors save on their Medicare Supplements and earn renewals for the next 5 years.


Connect with baby boomers turning 65 before other agents do, and earn their business for the rest of their lives.


Stop playing the follow-up game and start talking to interested Medicare and Final Expense prospects immediately.


Want to skip setting appointments and all the run-around? With our preset appointments you can focus on selling instead of prospecting.


Become a master prospector and get leads with less hassle when you create a custom calling campaign and generate leads.

Want to know why Lead Heroes is the best lead provider for insurance agents?


Maximize your lead flow with our high-quality, low-cost, call-verified insurance leads. Lead Heroes specializes in getting you (or your agents) in front of seniors every day so you don’t have to worry about prospecting. Order our leads if you want:



Fresh quality leads delivered daily or weekly to your inbox


Final Expense burial insurance, Medicare Supplement, or T65 leads


Call-back, real-time, live transfer, or preset appointments


Attentive service with no hassle – we respond within 24 business hours


Virtual Assistants

Hire Heroes

Virtual Staffing

Hire one of our top performing heroes to handle all of your low revenue-producing activities. 

Handpicked from our network of virtual assistants, this full-time dedicated employee will be ready in 7 days or less after a consultation phone call with our team.

Lead Heroes Virtual Assistants
Lead Heroes Virtual Assistants

Virtual Staffing

Hire one of our top performing heroes to handle all of your low revenue-producing activities. 

Handpicked from our network of virtual assistants, this full-time dedicated employee will be ready in 7 days or less after a consultation phone call with our team.

About Us

Lead Heroes


The Lead Heroes Story

Lead Heroes began in early 2015 when I realized there had to be a better way to get affordable and exclusive insurance leads. As an independent agent, I tried all types of lead sources: live telemarketer, avatar, voicemail, internet, and more.

I discovered that the leads with the highest return on investment were live telemarketing leads. So I launched Lead Heroes with a commitment to provide affordable, exclusive telemarketed insurance leads developed by real (human) sales professionals in a fully managed call center.

I operate Lead Heroes entirely on my own: hiring, firing, training, and managing my team of remote telemarketers to consistently generate quality leads. This approach produces significant savings on operational costs, which I pass along to you, so you pay 30% – 70% less than if you hired an American-based call center.


Lead Heroes

Insurance Leads Done Right

Agents, agencies, and IMOs/FMOs can order leads for the following types of insurance:

By offering different types of leads, we help agents:

Reduce the number of vendors they order insurance leads from

Increase the number of leads that are available in a geographic area

Get in front of more seniors who respond to different types of marketing

Simplifying Insurance Sales

At Lead Heroes, we understand that quality leads are critical – but there’s so much more that goes into each sale. That’s why we’re committed to providing resources, strategies and advice to help boost your insurance sales and marketing success. I even wrote a book full of sales tips, followed by an e-book full of scripts, supported by ongoing blogs and podcasts to help agents excel.

Want to get to know us better? Check out our call center team below, and be sure to connect with us on social media where we share lead promotions and sales tips.

For more details or to request interviews, guest posts or speaking engagements with Lead Heroes President, Glen Shelton, please see our media kit for more info.

Meet Our Call Center Team

===    Lead Heroes Team in Manila, Philippines.   ===


President of Lead Heroes
Discover Our 6 Types of Blog Series for Agents



Looking for ways to sharpen your sales process? This blog series shares tips and strategies designed to increase your chances of closing more sales.


To stand apart from other agents, you need a polished online brand. Learn how to increase referrals while attracting internet leads in this series.


Wondering if that software is worth it? In this blog series, we review tools and services designed to improve agents’ productivity and efficiency.


Armed with these comprehensive guides, agents will understand how to generate different types of leads and what it takes to close them.


In this podcast series, we will be interviewing professionals within the insurance industry who will share tips and scripts to help agents close more leads.

IMO/FMO Directory

To better understand the differences between an IMO and an FMO or what to watch out for when contracting through one of them, check out this blog post.

Directory List of Agencies, FMOs & IMOs

Find the Perfect Upline!

IMO/FMO Directory

Agents can search by:

  • Location (if you’re looking for local training)
  • Insurance Verticals
  • Average Google Review
  • Average Facebook Review
  • Whether they have marketing or insurance lead programs
  • Whether they include training, free resources or a blog full of helpful tips


Virtual Learning


About Course

After selling more than 5,000 copies of our book “How To Qualify, Present, & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements To Seniors” through Amazon in both ebook and paperback, we decided on a new approach for assisting as many insurance agents as possible in getting proper sales training without having to break the bank!

Join Author and Founder, Glen Shelton, as he shares personal experiences from selling insurance throughout this 50+ video series. He also shares insights gathered from speaking with thousands of other agents over the years also including his additional in-depth analysis on sections from within the book.

Insurance Sales Training

Comprehensive Guide to Selling Insurance to Seniors

Sales Training Book

Read Tips & Scripts from Over 35 Agents

Senior insurance sales training often comes at a great cost, requiring agents to spend thousands on conferences or give up contracts in exchange for training. Save your money, keep your contracts, and read this book to learn the proven sales tips and scripts that 35+ successful agents use to sell life insurance and Medicare Supplements to seniors.


List of Resources We Found Helpful for Agents

Agent Tools


This page is divided into various categories that explain the resource:


  • Website: Word Press Plugins, Templates
  • Licensing & Contracting: Continuing Education (CE) Providers
  • Software: CRMs, Quoting Tools, Dialers, Efax
  • Sales & Marketing: Sales Data
  • Insurance Companies: Summaries, Underwriting

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Medicare Advantage penetration

Wondering the best places to order Medicare Supplement Leads?

Medicare Marketing Map 2024

Medicare Advantage Penetration

When choosing your area for Medicare Supplement leads, please be mindful of the Medicare Advantage penetration percentage (per county). As a general rule of thumb, 30% or less Medicare Advantage penetration is ideal for telemarketing for Supplements. Please check the list by clicking below.


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