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A demographic tsunami of baby boomers are retiring and requiring help with their Medicare and Life Insurance needs. Meanwhile, record numbers of insurance agents are also retiring, leaving the next generation of agents untrained.

 To tackle these problems, over 35 expert insurance agents collaborated to create this guide to selling life insurance and Medicare Supplements to seniors. Because training often comes at a great cost, requiring you to spend thousands of dollars on conferences or give up contracts in exchange for training, it’s never been harder to find no-strings-attached insurance sales training — until this book!

This guide covers the entire insurance sales process, so you’ll learn how to:


Prospect for Final Expense life insurance leads or Medicare Supplement leads, and which type of leads to use



Approach leads, and what to say to gain their trust


Overcome the most common objections and concerns seniors have



Present & sell Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements online, on the phone or in person


Organize your day and motivate yourself to reach maximum sales


Grow your client base by cross-selling and generating referrals


Build an online brand that will foster trust and referrals

Whether you’re…


a new agent seeking a primer on selling life insurance or Medicare supplements


an experienced agent looking to maximize your online brand with insurance marketing tips and strategies



an agency/IMO/FMO wanting to teach agents how to sell life insurance or Medicare Supplements

…this guide is for you!

Learn how 35 experienced agents are successfully selling Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements!



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Glen Shelton

After years of working in the retail sales sector, Glen Shelton decided to leave the corporate grind and build a sales-focused business of his own. He became an independent insurance agent, initially selling mortgage protection life insurance before he found his niche selling Final Expense life insurance to seniors.

As an independent insurance agent, Glen noticed a lack of quality and service among telemarketed lead providers in the industry—and saw an opportunity. He launched Lead Heroes in 2015 to provide agents with quality leads and attentive service, specializing in telemarketed Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplement leads.

In his role as president of Lead Heroes, Glen actively manages a call center with real people generating quality telemarketed leads at affordable prices. By streamlining his processes to improve efficiency, Glen lowers lead costs for agents while maintaining service and quality, which helps agents maximize their ROI.

Glen is a distinguished Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. Outside of work, he’s either exploring the coast of Oregon with his wife Jessica, son Remington, and daughter Lucille, or relaxing at home in Portland.

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Justin Bilyj

A third-generation insurance agent, Justin Bilyj followed his grandparents, parents, uncle, and brother into the industry. After four years of retail sales experience marked by national sales awards, Justin’s insurance career began in 2006 when he joined the family business.

Justin started his independent insurance agency, My Insurance Counselor, in 2009 to help clients find affordable solutions to life insurance and health insurance. As baby boomers began retiring, Justin noticed a growing need and opportunity within the senior insurance market. He rebranded his company as Buckeye Senior Benefits Agency in 2014 to focus on selling Medicare, long-term care, and life insurance plans to seniors in 6 states.

While marketing these services, Justin discovered a passion for digital marketing, search engine optimization, and online brand management. He teamed up with Bantamedia, a national award-winning content marketing agency, to direct its digital marketing services. Now, while continuing to operate his insurance agency, Justin helps other business owners execute effective online marketing strategies.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys traveling with his fiancé to find the best food, wine, and sights around the country with their three small dogs.

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“The book is an excellent resource for both the novice and the veteran.”

– Ron

“The best sales book that I’ve read all year…a must read.”

– Nathan Robinson

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The national demographic crisis causing a talent gap in the insurance industry.


With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, record numbers of seniors need help with their life insurance and Medicare Supplement decisions. At the same time, agents are also retiring; one-fourth of the insurance workforce will retire by 2018. In the meantime, 90% of new agents burn out before a full year in insurance sales—leaving a deficit of trained agents who are committed to helping seniors choose the best life insurance and Medicare Supplements.

The lack of affordable, comprehensive training available in the insurance industry.

While insurance companies may providegeneric product training to agents, they don’t often offer practical sales training to teach the skills required in the field. Most agencies reserve their advanced training programs for only the top sales producers, making it tough for new agents to find training initially—without spending thousands to attend conferences.

The perfect storm of a demographic retirement crisis paired with an industry-wide insurance sales training crisis.


There simply aren’t enough well-trained agents equipped to advise record numbers of retiring seniors on the best health and life insurance plans. The implications of this perfect storm are that unadvised seniors may choose the wrong plan or no plan at all—which could devastate their standard of living or leave an economic burden on the next generation.

Managing collaboration between 35 insurance agents nationwide.

What really sets this book apart is that it doesn’t just offer one or two opinions about selling Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements. To create this comprehensive guide, two agents partnered together from 2,500 miles apart to coordinate a massive collaboration never seen before in the insurance industry—bringing together more than 35 experienced agents to share real-life examples, scripts, and advice as best practices for other agents.

The differences between selling Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements.


An age-old debate between agents rages on: which type of insurance is best to sell? The book, “How to Present, Qualify & Sell Final Expense Life Insurance and Medicare Supplements to Seniors” finally bridges the debate by comparing the pros and cons of selling both. Understanding the nuanced differences between selling life insurance or Medigap is key to selling either one successfully, or cross-selling both together.

The importance of online branding when selling to increasingly tech-savvy seniors.


In this digital age, it’s a mistake to think that seniors aren’t shopping online like other consumers. Studies have shown that every day, 70% of seniors use the internet, 50% check their email, and 42% use smartphones. The way insurance agents market and prospect for business must change as tech-savvy consumers—yes, even seniors—adapt to the times.


  • Why was this book created, and what problems does it solve?

  • Who is this book written for?

  • What will insurance agents learn by reading this book?

  • How is this book different from other sales training books?

  • What types of leads does the book cover?

  • Which type of lead is best for new agents?

  • What are the differences between selling Final Expense and Medicare Supplements?

  • What trends in the insurance industry make this book relevant right now?

  • How is marketing changing for insurance agents who deal with seniors?

  • What tools and technologies should agents be comfortable using to sell insurance to seniors?

  • How can an insurance agent differentiate himself from other agents?


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