Every year seniors get a rate increase from their Medicare Supplement company – sometimes twice a year. Seniors living on fixed incomes simply cannot afford these crippling rate increases. Fortunately, they have access to standardized Medigap plans that can help save money without changing their benefits.

This presents an opportunity for Medicare Supplement agents to educate seniors on how Medicare works and compare the differences between popular plans like F, G and N to help seniors save money on their monthly Medigap bill.

But before you can educate seniors about Medicare and help them select the right plan, you first have to get in front of them – which requires a reliable lead source.

“Want to know how we generate Medicare Supp leads?”

Our 6 Steps to Creating Medicare Supplement Leads

Tech Savvy Personnel

Friendly, focused telemarketers are the first step to creating quality leads. We vet employees for fluent English and sales experience, then offer training to ensure great service in our American-managed Philippine call center.

Scrubbed Sales Data

To keep lead prices low, we use a state-of-the-art CRM with a built-in multi-line predictive dialing system for maximum efficiency. We make sure data is scrubbed and TCPA compliant before contacts are loaded into this system.

Filtered Data

Scrubbed sales data is filtered by the cities, zip codes, counties, or states indicated in your order. Standard filters for the best Medicare leads target seniors ages 67 to 80, income levels of at least $20,000, and MAPR below 20%.

Medicare Supplement Script

The time-tested script our telemarketers use to generate Medigap leads, found HERE, is designed to enable insurance agents to follow up and either set an appointment with the lead or sell completely over the phone.

Quality Control

After a Med Supp lead is generated, the call recording is sent to management for review. Agents only receive prospects who have requested more info, so you can focus on following up with genuine lead opportunities.

Leads In 7 Days

Within 7 business days after ordering, agents will receive a list of leads in an Excel spreadsheet. Our format can easily be uploaded into your preferred dialing system or software, so agents can start working leads instantly.

Why should these be your preferred Medicare leads?”

Here’s What Makes These the Best Medicare Leads for Agents

More Presentations

Increase the number of presentations you give every week with our Medicare Supplement leads. Simple sales math shows, you’ll end up selling more plans.

Never Cold Call Again

Escape the daily grind of cold calling complete strangers and door-knocking data lists. Let us handle lead generation for you so you can focus on sales.

Better Closing Ratios

Insurance agents who get quality leads on a consistent weekly basis and have a solid follow-up process in place will get consistent Medicare Supplement sales.


Quick Delivery

Start calling Medicare leads 7 business days after ordering from us, and you’ll be on your way to earning more clients and commissions sooner

Exclusivity Is Key

Forget sharing your leads with dozens of other agents competing for seniors’ attention. We promise that you’ll be the only agent to ever receive this lead.

Low Cost

Maximize your lead investment with affordable telemarketing and leads that get you in front of more Med Supp prospects more often.

“Ready to enroll more Medicare Supplement clients?”


“How do these stack up against other Medigap leads?”

Compare Against Other Methods Below

Costly PPC Campaigns

Executing a successful PPC campaign is fraught with obstacles: keyword research, ad copywriting, and bidding against multimillion dollar insurance companies – when you could just buy our leads.

Exclusive Internet Leads

You can’t guarantee that an internet lead is truly exclusive when a prospect might have requested quotes across several websites – multiplying your competition for the steep price you pay. When we say exclusive, we mean it.

Pricey Seminars

Tough to organize and expensive to executive, seminars can easily drain an agent’s resources if not done properly. Within the time it takes to put together a seminar, you could have enrolled twice as many seniors using telemarketed leads.

“Why let Lead Heroes prospect for you?”

6 Headaches You Bypass when You Outsource Lead Generation to Us


Posting job descriptions for telemarketers

Conducting interviews to identify potential hires

Writing and refining a telemarketing script

Training telemarketers on insurance basics

Buying data lists, CRMs, and dialers

Monitoring callers’ performance stats

“Why do we leave our competitors in the dust?”

Learn What Separates Us from Other Medicare Lead Providers

No Obligations

Only buy the leads you need – forget about cancellation fees, long-term contracts, and binding commitments

No Conflicts Of Interest

Some lead agencies cherry pick leads for their own agents – we don’t sell insurance, just insurance leads

Stellar Customer Service

Don’t get stuck with unanswered support tickets, just call or email and you’ll get a response within 24 hours

Reselling? Never!

Some companies give agents 60 days to close leads before they’re resold, but we’ll never resell your leads

Insurance Experience

Choose a lead company that comes from the insurance industry, and benefit from our experience and insights

Safe Payment Options

Forget mailing checks, faxing orders, or canceling by phone – simply pay for leads using our secure online form

No Monkey Business

We’re committed to clients long-term, so we’ll never re-charge, over-charge, or mysteriously charge your card

Replacement Guarantee

We’ll refund telemarketing leads that didn’t request information about Medigap plans; there are no refunds for  orders

“Want more tips to close these leads?”

Here are More Tips & Scripts to Help You Gain More Clients


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  • Ages 65 - 80 | Income $20K & Up
  • Leads targeting seniors already enrolled in Medicare who have experienced a premium increase. We batch these leads out at the end of every night.
  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2

Turning 65

  • 2 - 6 Months Before their 65th Birthday | No Income Filter 
  • Leads targeting seniors who are turning 65 in 2 - 6 months. We confirm they are turning 65, enrolling in Medicare and agree to be contacted from a Medicare specialist to discuss their options. **Additional area required
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 1

Custom Calling Campaigns

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
  • Pre Set Appt Sample
  • Live Transfer Sample


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