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Types of Leads

Final Expense

  • Ages: 50 - 80 | Income Range: 0 - 60K
  • Leads targeting Seniors who may have failed to save for the inevitable funeral costs that their family will incur in the event of their passing. We batch these leads out at the end of every night.
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Medicare Supplement

  • Ages 65 - 80 | Income $20K & Up
  • Leads targeting seniors already enrolled in Medicare who have experienced a premium increase. We batch these leads out at the end of every night.
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Turning 65

  • 2 - 6 Months Before their 65th Birthday 
  • Leads targeting seniors who are turning 65 in 2 - 6 months. We confirm they are turning 65, enrolling in Medicare and agree to be contacted from a Medicare specialist to discuss their options. **Additional area required
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Custom Calling Campaigns

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
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Wondering the best places to order Medicare Supplement Leads?

When choosing your area for Medicare Supplement leads, please be mindful of the Medicare Advantage penetration percentage (per county). As a general rule of thumb, 30% or less Medicare Advantage penetration is ideal for telemarketing for Supplements. Please check the list by clicking below.



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