The secret to building a huge base of Medicare clients is helping seniors compare options before they turn 65. Proactive insurance agents can cement themselves as Medicare experts by getting in front of T65 Medicare beneficiaries first, and educating them about their Medicare options before they ever enroll.

Tired of competing on price when replacing Medigap plans for seniors who are already on Medicare? T65 leads give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a specialist, rather than a salesman – earning your lifelong clients, commissions, and referrals.

Working with T65 clients also puts agents in a position to explain that Medicare doesn’t cover long term care expenses – but a long term care insurance policy can. These T65 leads have the potential to double as long term care leads when you cross-sell – potentially doubling your commissions.

“Wondering how these T65 leads are created?”

6 Steps We Take to Generate Turning 65 Medicare Leads

Trained Call Center Staff

After vetting callers for sales experience and English fluency, we educate them on the complexities of Medicare and life insurance. Then we closely monitor their performance in our American-managed call center in the Philippines.

TCPA Compliant

Before data is loaded into our state-of-the-art combo CRM/dialing system, it is scrubbed and made TCPA compliant. The software and process we use to manage and contact this data helps keep our lead prices low.

Data Is Filtered

The recently scrubbed data is then refined by geographic and demographic filters to elicit the best leads. These filters target seniors 3-5 months before turning 65, with an income of at least $20,000 and MAPR below 20%.

T65 Medicare Script

The proven telemarketing script we use to generate Medicare leads who are turning 65 can be found HERE. This script positions agents to follow up with interested baby boomers and help them understand their Medicare options.

Lead Quality Control

Each T65 Medicare lead our callers generate is reviewed by a manager before it’s sent to an agent. This quality control process validates the interest of each lead and ensures that agents only speak to legitimate prospects.

7-Day Guarantee

Leads are organized into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet that allows agents to start calling contacts right away or upload into their preferred CRM or dialing software. Lead orders will be fulfilled within 7 business days.

“Why are these the best T65 Medicare leads?”

What Can You Expect from These Turning 65 Leads?


Don't Fight Over Leads

Tired of being the 20th agent to call a lead? Stop working shared internet leads and start working our exclusive Medicare insurance leads.

Present More, Close More

Want to land more T65 clients? That requires getting in front of more seniors before they enroll in a Medicare plan by leveraging a variety of lead types.


Start Selling Sooner

Get Medicare leads within 7 business days after placing an order, (14 days ) and start enrolling seniors as soon as they qualify for a plan.

Unbeatable Prices

Stretch your lead budget even further with affordable leads that get you in front of more seniors to compare Medicare plan options.

No More Cold Calls

Reduce your reliance on cold prospecting by letting us prospect for you. This allows you to maximize your time and sales.

Stronger Closing Ratios

Improve your closing ratio by leveraging tips and scripts from our blog – it’s like buying leads and getting sales training for free.

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“Compare how these leads stack up against other methods”

Other T65 Lead Generation Methods

Internet Leads

Filling an internet lead order with only 64-year-olds can be difficult, if not impossible. But telemarketing and  leads allow agents to reach more seniors – quicker.

Confusing Pay Per Click Marketing

It takes months to master the required software and ad copywriting skills to create a PPC campaign – months you could easily be selling and earning commissions with our leads.

Seminar Leads

Rounding up enough 64-year-olds to fill a Medicare seminar can be expensive and time-consuming, but telemarketing can make it easier to target and enroll T65 seniors.

“Why should you outsource lead generation to us?”

6 Reasons to Let Lead Heroes Create Your Leads


No more posting telemarketing job ads

No more vetting candidates’ qualifications


No more researching dialers, CRMs, and other tools

No more developing and testing telemarketing scripts

No more training callers in insurance industry jargon

No more managing telemarketers and reviewing calls

“How do we measure up against other lead generation firms?”

What Makes Us the Best T65 Lead Provider for Insurance Agents

Skip The Fees

No more long-term commitments, confining contracts, or pesky cancellation fees – just buy the leads you need

No Cherry-Picking Leads

Unlike other lead companies, we’re not affiliated with any insurance agencies – our leads are fresh, never picked over

Best Customer Service

Avoid support ticket systems and talk to someone directly if you have a question or concern about your campaign

Your Leads Stay Yours

Some lead companies resell your leads after 60 days but we believe that your leads should stay yours forever

Insurance Background

We know what agents look for in leads because we have background experience selling insurance

Safe And Secure Payment

Don’t worry about faxing over forms, mailing in checks, or calling to cancel – we process payments online hassle-free

No Funny Stuff

You’ll never have to deal with billing mishaps or mistakes because we are in this to win your business long-term

Replacement Promise

If a telemarketing lead didn’t request more info about Medicare, we’ll replace it, but there are no refunds for  orders.

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Discover Top Tips & Scripts to Gain More Clients

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Turning 65

  • 2 - 6 Months Before their 65th Birthday 
  • Leads targeting seniors who are turning 65 in 2 - 6 months. We confirm they are turning 65, enrolling in Medicare and agree to be contacted from a Medicare specialist to discuss their options. **Additional area required
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  • Sample 1

Custom Calling Campaigns

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
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