It’s no secret that telemarketing leads are cheaper than their alternatives – which means more opportunities for sales pros to close, and more opportunities for greener agents to present.

But because agents are often busy selling and servicing policies, figuring out how to even find a telemarketer – let alone how to train one – is usually beyond their skillset. Plus, they also have to figure out all the technical requirements of telemarketing, like caller monitoring, CRMs, Sales Data and Dialer selection, etc.

Having your own team of telemarketers enables you to take control of your own lead generation, ridding yourself of middle-men lead vendors that chain you to the endless spiral of paying per-lead. The best part is that we take care of all the hiring, firing, and training for you – so you can focus on selling all the fresh, exclusive leads your callers will generate for you!

Are you in an industry outside of insurance, like real estate, water purification, or solar energy? Our callers can prospect for any product or service – so check out our process below for creating your very own custom calling campaign in any industry.

“How does a custom calling campaign work?”

6 Steps to Getting Low-Cost Telemarketing Leads

Find Telemarketers

Experienced Philippines telemarketing professionals are recruited, trained and assigned to your campaign. Our callers are familiarized with the basics of Medicare and life insurance, so you can start off your telemarketing campaign with competent and capable callers.

Define Your Target Area

Target which zips codes, counties, or states you want your telemarketers to call. Consult our Medicare Advantage Penetration Rate (MAPR) map on the Order page; areas with a lower MAPR usually yield more leads generated per hour for your campaign.

Enter Sales Data

Upload your own sales data, or use our TCPA compliant data lists that are updated monthly, for free! If you’re calling for Final Expense, target seniors between ages 50-80, and when calling for Medicare Supplements, target seniors who are at least 65-68 years old.

Choose Your Telemarketing Script

Decide which lead type you want to generate: Standard call-back Final Expense, Medicare or T65 leads; Final Expense or Medicare Supplement live-transfers; or Medicare Supplement or Final Expense pre-set appointments. Or use a custom script of your own!

Screen Out Time-Wasters

Leads generated for your campaign are monitored by quality control managers to cut down on prospects who are not interested or just wasting time. This way, you’re only spending time with qualified leads that give you a better chance at closing.

Sync Leads To Your CRM

Get your leads automatically synced to your CRM for free if your custom calling campaign lasts longer than one month. This cuts down on administrative time that could be better served converting prospects than manually entering data into your system.

“Why would you want to have your own trained telemarketers?”

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Telemarketers for Insurance

Scale Your Business

Choose whether you want one caller calling one state or 5 callers calling 3 states. This flexible service empowers you to scale your telemarketing team on demand.

No Telemarketer Training

Leave all the recruiting, hiring and training to us. We coach callers in the fundamentals of insurance lead generation, so you can start off with qualified calling candidates.

Determine Lead Types

Decide which types of leads you’ll work: Call-Back, Live Transfers, or Pre-Set Appointments for either Final Expense or telemarketing Medicare leads.

Get Bargain Prices

Save money and generate more leads by leasing highly trained low-cost telemarketers. The cost to hire a telemarketer can vary unpredictably if you don’t use a reliable source of qualified callers.

Leads On Demand

No contractual commitments! Start with one caller one month, add 4 the next month, then take a month off for vacation. This is the most flexible and customizable way to hire a telemarketer.

No Back-End Management

Forget having to deal with monitoring callers, day-to-day office drama, pay raises, bonuses or generating reports. Just show up and sell, and leave managing the telemarketers to us.

“Ready to pack your schedule with qualified telemarketed insurance leads?”


“Wondering how hiring telemarketers through us compares to the competition?”

Compare Alternative For-Hire Telemarketer Services

Job Boards

Don’t waste time creating and posting ads or combing through multiple applicants just to find out that your ad didn’t pull the quality candidate you were looking for

Talent Scouts

Forget using finder services that leave you high-and-dry after they find you a caller. We’re just a phone call away anytime you have a question or need more callers

Classified Ads

Save money on posting ads to paper and online classified ad sites that just fill up your inbox with spam and unqualified job-hunters needing a temporary job

Other Philippines Telemarketing Centers

Sketchy Philippines telemarketing call centers are a dime a dozen. Use our American-managed Philippine callers for accountable, reliable lead generation.

“Why should you leave the telemarketing for-hire business to us?”

12 Problems You Dodge by Leaving Caller Management to Us

Crafting ‘hiring a telemarketer for insurance’ ads

Screening Philippines telemarketing applicants


Figuring out how to train telemarketers

Compiling lead recordings and reports

Formulating and testing telemarketing scripts


Demoing CRMs, data vendors and dialer systems

Monitoring callers to improve efficiency

Getting bogged down in day-to-day office drama

Handling payroll, bonuses and raises from month to month

Hiring call center managers to oversee callers


Firing under-performers and hiring replacements

Wondering how and where to go to hire a telemarketer

“Want to know why we’re better than the rest of the for-hire telemarketing firms out there?”

This is Why Lead Heroes Sets the Standard in This Industry

No Contracts Or Added Fees

Avoid contracts and outrageous upfront setup fees – just get the number of callers you need for the term you want

Prompt Customer Service

We return calls within 1 business day and address many of your questions and concerns instantly

Only Exclusive Leads

The leads your caller(s) develop will be yours forever – we will never resell your telemarketed insurance leads

Telemarketer Replacement

Since we have an ample supply of highly trained callers, you never need to worry about having to replace a caller

American Owned & Managed

Harness the benefits of low-cost Philippines telemarketing call centers combined with American oversight

Insurance Expertise

With previous experience selling insurance, we understand how to train telemarketers about Medicare and Final Expense

Comprehensive Training

Our callers are well-trained in a variety of telemarketing lead generation tactics designed to fill your schedule

We Take Care Of Everything

Give us a week to set up your campaign and then you can focus on closing sales with all the leads you’re getting

“Wondering how other agents talk to live transfers?”

How Insurance Agents Close Inbound Leads

“Ready to simplify and amplify your lead generation?”


Custom Calling Campaigns

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
  • Pre Set Appt Sample
  • Live Transfer Sample


Spanish Speaking Callers

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
  • Final Expense
  • Medicare Supplement



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