Insurance agents are constantly battling between two extremes: prospecting for leads and selling policies to them. That means before agents can sell insurance, they must take time out of their busy schedules to call and set appointments – or drive around door knocking to set appointments with the distrustful seniors they happen to catch off-guard.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Agents can now outsource the time-intensive task of setting appointments to us, so you can just show up to your Medicare or Final Expense insurance appointments and do what you get paid to do: sell insurance. It’s unarguable that agents who spend their time meeting potential clients in appointments, rather than splitting their week between calling and going on appointments – make more money and are more successful.

“How do we set these preset appointments for you?”

Here are 6 Steps to Creating Your Appointments

Experienced Appointment Setters

Our American-managed Filipino call center is staffed with employees who pass an English fluency test after being vetted for past calling and sales experience. The employees are also educated in the basics of Medicare and life insurance so they can handle basic questions from the leads they call.

You Choose Your Area

In order for our callers to have enough data to call, we need agents to claim at least 2-3 nearby counties. If you’re primarily selling Final Expense, we recommend targeting more rural and suburb areas, whereas Medicare Supplement agents should focus on areas with a low Medicare Advantage penetration rate (MARP).

Filtered Sales Data

After we scrub our data, especially against cell phones, for the areas you’ve selected, we then load it into our state-of-the-art CRM dialing system that allows our appointment setters to quickly call on your behalf – stocking your calendar full of qualified appointments for you to just show up and sell to.

Preset Appointments Script

Callers use one of two scripts, depending on whether you want Final Expense or Medicare Supplement appointments. To see our Final Expense Insurance Appointments script, CLICK HERE. To view our Medicare Supplement Appointment Setting script, CLICK HERE.

Quality Assurance Program

After a prospect requests an appointment with a Final Expense or Medicare Supplement agent, the recording is then sent to an operations manager who reviews it. Only leads that specifically agreed to an appointment to review their coverage options are sent to the agent.

Delivered Promptly

Leads that have passed the quality assurance program are then packaged together in an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet that links to the recordings, so you can review each lead as necessary. The agent will receive leads at the end of every day until their order is completed.

“Why are our preset appointments the best?”

Find Out Why Agents Prefer Our Personalized Appointments


Guaranteed Exclusive

Every lead we create for you will always be yours and only yours – period. We are in the business of selling leads, not reselling them.

More Meetings

Imagine doubling the number of presentations you give in any week, because you can focus on attending appointments, not setting them.


Fast Delivery

Instead of waiting weeks for your leads, you can now have highly qualified pre set insurance appointments within 72 hours of ordering.

Affordable Pricing

Compare the cost of this service to hiring your own appointment setter or doing it yourself. Without a doubt, we save you both time and money.

No More Calling Leads

Spend your days selling insurance instead of calling to set appointments for the following day – this ensures more commissions.

High ‘Sit’ Ratios

On average, our agents have been sitting with 70 percent of the appointments we set for them – the rest, you can call back to reschedule.

“Ready to double the number of presentations you give in a week?”


“Wondering how these presets stack up against other options?”

Compare Other Appointment-Setting Tactics

Hire In-House

Forget trying to juggle the extra payroll and administrative duties that come with employing a W-2 worker. With our service, you bypass all those hoops and taxes.

Get A Virtual Assistant

Some agents believe that hiring a virtual assistant is easier and cheaper – which is true, but only for those who have a thorough process in place for training, hiring and firing.

Other Appointment Setting Services

Make sure you deal with an American-based company that has a track record for providing value to the insurance agent community and not a fly-by-night lead company.

“Why should you trust us to set appointments for you?”

12 Hassles You Dodge by Outsourcing Appointment Setting to Us

Designing job wanted ads for appointment setters

Filtering applicants and doing background checks

Interviewing numerous setters to find just one

Extra time for admin and paperwork duties


Conducting research on CRM-dialing software

Crafting an appointment setting script

Training setters in the basics of insurance


Researching and testing out data vendors

Renting CRM’s, dialers, and data lists

Customizing settings for your dialing software

Managing your setters’ day-to-day performance


Firing and hiring another setter to replace them

“Do you know why we eliminate the competition?”

Figure Out What Sets Lead Heroes Apart from Everyone Else

No Obligations

Forget worrying about any contracts or surprising cancellation fees – buy only what you need to fill your schedule.

No Preferential Tactics

Feel safe knowing that Lead Heroes doesn’t employ or ally with any agents or agencies who cherry-pick the better leads.

Excellent Service

Feel free to ask us any questions via email or by phone and we will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours of receipt.

No Reselling Allowed

Watch out for companies that generate their leads via the internet, they’re often resold and shared with other agents. Your leads will be never resold!

Insurance Background

Our previous experience selling insurance before starting a lead generation company helps us understand what agents need.

Modern Payment Options

Skip sending in orders by fax or mailing in checks for lead orders – instead, pay comfortably and securely from your own computer.

No Funny Stuff

Avoid billing hassles like over-billings and unauthorized charges to your account – we don’t play ‘gotcha’ games with agents.

Replacement Policy

Be sure to check the recordings sent to you; if someone didn’t ask to meet with an agent, we’ll instantly refund you.

“Ready to sit back and just show up to sell insurance?”


Custom Calling Campaigns

  • 100% Customizable
  • Hire exclusive callers dedicated to your business! Our custom calling campaigns are completely customizable, meticulously managed and absolutely affordable for all your different calling needs. This includes Pre-Set Appointments, Live Transfers, Qualified Leads and More!
  • Pre Set Appt Sample
  • Live Transfer Sample

Only Spend Your Time Meeting With People Who Want To Meet With You


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