Testimonial 4

The leads have been pretty good for me, the secret is to call every single one of them.  

Testimonial 3

Having bought telemarketed leads from many vendors, these are among the top quality for half the price. Lead Heroes is easy to work with and always addresses my concerns.  

Testimonial 2

I used to run my own in-house telemarketing team and I have to say, Lead Heroes is able to duplicate the same results without the expensive overhead. Finding telemarketed leads that have company and premium info doesn’t get better than that. I find I have a good...

Testimonial 1

Lead Heroes leads were great. Not only did they arrive very quickly, but the ROI was as good as any other leads I have ordered. I would not hesitate to order again or refer any of my agents as well.

The best book to help you in insurance sales!

Most “how to”sales books are like cheerleaders, chanting us to win, win, win(sell, sell, sell) “you can make a 6 figures in 6 months” (you can make that touchdown!) but what we really need is a coach to give us play by play instructions on HOW to win. In “How to...

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