Glen from Lead Heroes talks about telemarketing with Rick from the ILIAA Part 1

Glen from Lead Heroes talks about telemarketing with Rick from the ILIAA Part 1

Written by Glen Shelton

Glen Shelton launched Lead Heroes in 2015 after noticing a lack of quality and service among telemarketed lead providers in the insurance industry. As president of Lead Heroes, Glen actively manages a call center with real people generating quality insurance leads. With processes designed to improve efficiency and lower costs, Glen helps maximize ROI for agents selling Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements to seniors.

January 11, 2016

In this video, I sit down with Rick Bronstein from the Independent Life Insurance Agent Association (ILIAA) to discuss the pros of taking charge of your own lead generation and marketing campaigns, as opposed to looking for an up-line or IMO to provide leads – usually at the expense of your commissions.

We also take a look at the management process of hiring and training your own telemarketers, which can be a legitimate option if you have the time and willingness to wear multiple hats or take on other jobs.

A lot of agents think that generating your own leads will give you freedom from an up-line in exchange for leads, and that is true, but also consider the freedom from having to generate your own leads by out sourcing it to someone that specializes in the process.

If you generate your own leads by hiring your own telemarketers, there are 12 job additional responsibilities you’ll have to oversee:

  1. Creating ads on a job board like Upwork, Craigslist, or Freelancer
  2. Research and invite quality candidates to apply
  3. Vet applicants
  4. Hire applicants
  5. Research and demo CRM software and dialing systems
  6. Create a telemarketing script and objection rebuttal process
  7. Train applicants to understand life insurance or Medicare Supplements enough to talk intelligently to prospects if they have questions
  8. Research data vendors (we have done that for you HERE!)
  9. Order data lists
  10. Populate the dialer with lists, voicemail recordings, and disposition (outcome) buttons
  11. Manage telemarketer sand answer any questions (there will be plenty in the first 4 weeks, almost 2-5 a day)
  12. Review call data metrics and recordings to make sure telemarketers are performing and keeping up

On top of that, telemarketing is a high-pressure, high burnout type of job, which means you have to keep doing those 12 steps continuously.

Plus, you also still have these 5 sales responsibilities to handle:

  1. Follow up with the leads generated
  2. Qualify, present and sell plans
  3. Contact old pipeline leads and call-backs
  4. Answer client calls or initiate calls to check up on them
  5. Monitor cases currently in underwriting

These 5 responsibilities alone could fill a full-time job, let alone adding an additional 12 more work responsibilities into the mix. That’s why working telemarketed leads can be easier and more efficient when that whole process is delegated to a lead generation company, freeing you to deal with your clients.

Within the video, we also discuss:

  • Domestic telemarketers vs. overseas telemarketers
  • Geographic differences that make some areas tough to prospect, which is why when the process is outsourced, you pay a flat per-lead fee instead of the variable pricing you could see with your own telemarketers
  • How qualifying a lead’s health can indirectly qualify the prospect’s need

Finally, we talk about the telemarketing lead discount available to all ILIAA members. If you are interested in this discount, you can sign up HERE.

Check out Part 2 of our video with ILIAA, where I sit down with Nick Perry and discuss our new book.

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